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Caution! Avoid Being Your Own Personal Internet Lawyer

In today’s information-driven world, we all hear a variant of the same story or proclamation on everything from complex legal questions to matters of medical health—it’s all on the internet. In some respects this is true. The information has taken static tools, like the dictionary and made them available anywhere there is access.

On the other hand, perhaps every professional, in particular doctors and lawyers, see patients and clients who are better educated and better for help as well as those who are self-practitioners. The problem is law, medicine, engineering, and the like are an integrated body of ever-changing information that is and cannot be accounted for on the web. By the time you encounter a professional, some of the harm is done.

A private party has the right to represent himself, but is bound to the same standard as an attorney. Thus, while he or she may have the “perfect case” according to the internet and in looking up the law on official case cites, such as a “substantial change” to modify custody. However, if the rules of evidence are not followed, then that key piece of evidence may not come into the record and the case lost. Mistakes cannot be re-litigated.

We hope you find this blog post useful in deciding when and if to retain counsel. The internet is a powerful tool that can help you be a better legal consumer, but it is no substitute for a skilled attorney. This blog is written by attorneys at Ciyou & Dixon, P.C. who practice throughout the state of Indiana. This is not intended to be a solicitation for legal services or provide legal advice.

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