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Help! Do I Need The Consent Of The Biological Parent To Adopt In Indiana?

Parental Abduction

International Parental Abduction - The Basics of the Defenses


Breaking News, What You Need To Know: Indiana Court Of Appeals Dismisses Chins Action For Untimely Fact-Finding Hearing

Custody Disputes

Help! How Long Do I Have To Wait Before I Can Seek A Modification Of My Current Custody Order

Paternity Litigation

Five Tips To Help Your Custody Case

Father's Rights

How To Obtain Physical And Legal Custody Of An InfantToddler You Are Raising


Relocation as the Custodial Parent Indiana

Custody Modification

What Can A Court Do About Parental Alienation In Custody Proceedings?

De Facto Custody

Third Party Custody What Are De Facto Custodians And How Can I Become A Child’s De Facto Custodian

Grandparent Visitation

When Can a Grandparent Seek Visitation?


What You Need To Need To Know About Guardianships And Third-Party Custody If You Are Raising Someone Else’s Children

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