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Types Of Appeals

Civil Appeals

Four Things To Know About Making Your Argument On Appeal

Child Custody Appeals

Can I File A Petition To Modify Child Custody Where Custody Is On Appeal?

Criminal Appeals

Indiana Criminal Appeals - Wait 30 Days

Divorce Appeals

What Is Pre-Divorce Planning?

Interlocutory Appeals

Breaking News, What You Need To Know: Indiana Court Of Appeals Rejects State’s Interlocutory Appeal As Untimely

Petition For Rehearing

Should I File A Cross-Petition In My Divorce Case?

Petition To Transfer

A Key Competitor Has Stolen my Trade Secrets, Legally What Can I Do?

Brief In Response To Petition To Transfer

I Won In The Trial Court; Do I Really Need To File An Appellee’s Brief?

Reply Brief To A Brief In Response To A Petition For Transfer

Should I File A Reply Brief In My Appeal?

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