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We serve clients in four core practice areas: divorce, paternity, child custody, and property division.

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In today’s fast paced sound-bite world it is not enough to say we’re different – that we actually care about you and your family law issue(s). That we want you to think of us as true, engaged legal partners committed to your highest legal objective. We get it. We understand. And we can help.

Think of us as your legal advocates with with the wisdom and experience to blend it all together into strategies and tactics that get you your best legal outcome! We listen, ask questions, seek to understand and then apply our expertise to plan a solution that solves today’s challenges and supports tomorrow’s goals.

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We’re Different. For Good Reason.

When we meet, you’ll get the sense that we’re a little bit different. And for good reason. From the moment you make your first call to our office for your appointment – to the feeling you get when you walk in the door. You’ll soon realize, we’re different. Much different. And for good reason. We take great pride in solving your complex legal objectives so you can get back to life and enjoy it.

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Ciyou & Dixon has been one of Indiana’s Most Respected Family Law Firms Since 1995. We Solve Complex, High-Conflict Family Law Issues Everyday. Are You Ready to Get Started?

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