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Two Technological Developments in Indiana Appellate Practice You Must Know

There is an old adage which states that “justice delayed is justice denied.” Over the years, the Indiana’s primary appellate court, the Indiana Court of Appeals (and the Indiana General Assembly), has been taking measures to speed up the appellate process. For instance, by appellate rule, appeals involving child-related matters, extensions of time are granted for filing briefs only in extraordinary circumstances.

Two recent developments promise to expedite appeals a great deal more and ensure that if error is made by a trial court (the few in Indiana hear and decided tens of thousands of cases each year), it is rapidly reviewed by the Indiana Court of Appeals. First, and most significantly, e-filing is on the way.

Specifically, voluntary e-filing has been available in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals for all appellate filings, except those that start as new cases, since November 9, 2015. This means that delays for mail, among other issues causing time delays, will cease to exist as the system becomes fully operational.

Second, and closely related to technology and the real-time nature of life, including law, the deadlines for preparing the transcript (the word-for-word, witness-by-witness typed transcript from the trial) will be reduced by fifty percent (50%) beginning July 1, 2016. While law by nature changes more slowly that most of the rest of our society to provide a stable platform for change, Indiana’s judges, lawyers and other professionals who work in the system are changing with the times.

This blog post was written by attorneys at Ciyou & Dixon, P.C. who practice throughout the State of Indiana. This is for educational purposes only. This is not meant as specific legal advice nor the solicitation of services. We hope you find this blog helpful in understanding the legal system available to you to address any legal need you may have.

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